I want to make shopping ethically easier.

Freestate was born primarily out of a resource I couldn't find. As I started to learn more about human trafficking, modern day slavery, and other unethical practices used to make the things I buy, I started to want to shop and live more consciously.

Frankly, I'm tired of buying stuff made by slaves.

However, as I began to try and change my shopping habits, I found it difficult to find what I needed. Although there are many amazing businesses producing their goods without slave labor or corrupt supply chains, it can be difficult to find and sort through them for whatever it is I might be looking for. It takes a lot of time, energy, and research to know where your things are being made and who is making them! Isn't is easier to just run by Target on the way home from work?!

So, Freestate is a lifestyle website for the conscious consumer. It's a resource to make ethical shopping easier, faster, and more accessible for the average consumer. We've curated an ever-growing list of brands that you can feel good about buying from and we have all kinds of new tools and resources too. Check it out!

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